10 Key Tips to Reduce Insulin for Your Weight Loss

9-Follow a low-carb diet rich in protein.

Carbohydrates are a prime source of sugar — hence, they raise sugar and insulin levels the most. Cutting down on carbs and raising the consumption of protein can help keep it in check and also provide the required energy. Foods rich in protein include lean meats, eggs, fish, and cottage cheese.

8-Avoid refined carbs and choose complex carbs instead.

Refined carbs such as soda, candy, and cookies get digested very fast leading to a sugar spike in the blood. Instead, opt for foods with complex carbs such as brown rice, quinoa, barley, legumes, etc. They take longer to break down so sugar is released at a consistent rate. Choose whole grains over processed ones that are higher in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Open Next Page To See More>

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